Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Alfalfa Butterflies love the Echinacea...


Peter said...

Hey, great minds think alike: (off my blog)
Great shot! I also really like your close ups of the dragonfly (especially the wings). Makes me wish I got a super macro point and shoot instead of a dslr.
When did you get a new blog template? (i use google reader so i havent actually seen your site in a while)
I like it, mainly because it supersizes your photos. What is it called?

Nikki said...

Very neat!! Are you going to try to sell any of your prints?

Will said...

Thanks guys. I don't always thank everyone for their comments but I am encouraged by them. :)

Peter - I really enjoy looking at your blog. Your photos are pretty amazing. I sometimes wish I had a camera more like a Canon Rebel or something, but for right now, I can't beat the versatility of the G10. I got the new blog template a few days ago and I'm trying it out. It's one of the Awesome Inc. templates in the new designer on blogger...I don't remember if it has a specific name. I use photobucket to resize and do a little editing on my photos and then use a direct link to blogger so they show up large.:)

Nikki - I've sold several prints to people and a few companies and websites. If you or someone else is interested in buying a print, please feel free to contact me at and we can work out the specifics. :)

Peter said...

Hey, glad you liked my blog. It's fun.
Honestly, the reason I went for my Sony DSLR was because it was a lot cheaper than the g10 or 11. But it is pretty cool.

Do you have any tips for selling prints? Or do people just come out of the blue?

Will said...

I don't do alot of "advertising" for my photos (I'm not very good in that department). Most of my print buyers are people that have either found my blog on their own or someone told them about my blog. I have sold a couple by sending an email to someone I think would be interested with collection of photos or a link to a collection on my blog. Sometimes selling for the price of printing and shipping helps establish a relationship and get a foot in the door for future sales for profit... in other words, I don't really know much about marketing photos, and yes, the people mostly come out of the blue. But that's my two cents worth. :)

How much did your camera cost? (You definitely don't have to answer that question if you don't want to, but I was just curious)

Peter said...

Thanks. Hehe, it would have been scary if you were a photography genius AND an brilliant marketeer. But you were still helpful.

My camera kit was $320 (used, but only 1000 exposures of the 100,000 it's rated for- so it's basically new). Actually, I think similar XS's run only barely more now, but now A200s are $100 less on a good day. Although if I was as smart then, I might have bought a body only and a nicer lens.

As for buying a Sony rather than Canon, in my opinion Sony is a much better budget brand (I have many reasons to believe so). When/if I'm going pro and investing in an $1000 lenses, I'll go canon. But what I've spent now is a drop in the bucket to what I'll be spending then, so it'll be easy to jump ship.
That's MY two cents.

Peter said...

You may want to check this out :
Apparently a few g10s have some imaging problem, which canon is offering to fix for free.

By the way, this forum is a very good photography forum. I've gotten a lot of good support there. Plus they have a monthly photography contest that has sweet prizes (I won a camera recently). I'm sure you could own it.